Cape Tormentine, NB | 2016

Photographic Series

Lonely Sea - Evolve

This series is part of an ongoing study on the evolution of subjects, capturing them over time and in different light, weather, and season. The fluidity of the subject is portrayed through a static medium.

The overall time depicted here is approximately one hour, with the images captured about 15 minutes apart. Near sunset, the changes in light are much quicker and more drastic than earlier in the day, when the sun's movement is more gradual. Although there are some similarities between the four images they are also quite different. The series demonstrates how new work can be created with little more than patience on the part of the photographer.

This series depicts the same subject and location (Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick) as Lonely Sea - Merge, which was created the previous fall.

Similar work can also be found in my Moncton Sunsets photographic project.