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Aboard the Irish Lass

Lobster Fishing in the Maritimes

Aboard the Irish Lass

In early June 2010, I spent three days with brothers Terry Sandell and Randy Sandell as they fished for lobster in the Bay of Fundy. In August of that year, I spent two more days with them as they fished the Northumberland Strait. This was the start of an on-going documentary and landscape project called Aboard the Irish Lass, named for the first vessel they operated on the Bay of Fundy. I have sailed with them several times over the past few years. The resulting photographs document their routine as well as some of the vessels and scenery along the way. Some of the images from the project are available in my self-published book, Aboard the Irish Lass: Lobster Fishing in the Maritimes

In June 2015, I sailed with Skipper Bruce Jack and the crew of the Andrea Lynn as they fished lobster along Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore. This work was part of my artistic residency in Port Bickerton, NS, but it also forms a chapter of the Aboard the Irish Lass project.

This project is ongoing. Work will continue whenever time and resources permit.

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Dan MacDonald - Fine Art Landscape Photographer from Moncton, NB, Canada

I am a photographer and photography instructor based in Moncton, NB, Canada. I specialize in fine art landscapes.




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