Maple Sugar

Personal Photographic Project


A personal photographic project documenting a hobby maple sugar camp in rural southeastern New Brunswick.


  • Location: Pleasant Vale, NB
  • Date: Spring 2014
  • Type: Documentary
  • Purpose: Personal Project


While talking with one of my students from the Intro to DSLR Photography course that I teach at NBCC-Moncton, I learned that he owned a small maple sugar camp in rural southeastern New Brunswick. Dennis' family had been making maple syrup and other maple products for several decades on land in and around his family's former farm. I happened to be looking for a new personal project, something that could occupy my time between the end of university sports and the start of lobster season (see Aboard the Irish Lass). A new self-assignment documenting his maple syrup operations sounded interesting. It also fits in with the same "traditional occupations" theme as the lobster fishing.

I first visited Dennis' camp on the 21st of March 2014, when he began tapping the trees. I returned a few times that season to document various aspects of the work, from gathering the sap to boiling it to make syrup.

My intent, as with the lobster fishing, is for this to become another on-going, multi-year project. Being new to sugar camps and syrup production, the first year was more about education and observation. With that behind me, future seasons can concentrate more on the photography.

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