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Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints

The fine art prints displayed in this section are either standalone prints (a single print per subject) or a series of no more than two prints on a particular subject or theme. Each print is shown separately and, if part of a series, may or may not be grouped with its companion piece. For further information on a particular piece, please click on the thumbnail image located in the main gallery.

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Fine Art Series

A larger selection of fine art prints is available in series of three or more images, developed around a common subject or theme. Prints within any fine art series can be purchased separately - it is not necessary to acquire the entire series. However, due to the limited edition sizes, complete series may become unavailable as individual prints are sold out.

The main gallery only shows one print from each series - please click on the thumbnail or title to view all the prints from a series together and as a cohesive whole. Information on individual prints is available by clicking on an image or title within the series page. Although most series are complete as presented, a few may be ongoing.

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Fine Art - Printing & Framing

Fine art prints are offered in both open and limited editions. Run sizes for limited editions vary between 5 and 50. Certain prints may be available in multiple sizes or formats (colour and monochrome). All fine art prints are titled and signed by the artist. Limited edition prints also include the edition number.

A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied with all open and limited edition fine art prints.

The images are printed on thick cotton rag fine art paper using pigment inks. The combination of pigment inks and acid and lignin-free paper creates a fully archival, long-lasting, and durable print. In general, the sheet size is slightly larger than the actual print to accommodate a variety of mat and framing options.

Fine art prints can be purchased either unframed or framed. Unframed prints are sold without mat or backing boards, and may be shipped either flat or rolled depending on the size. Framed prints, unless otherwise noted, include a white mat and a standard one-inch black gallery frame. All materials are fully archival, including UV-protected conservation glass. High quality, professional custom framing services are supplied by The Art Shack, a locally-owned, artist-run arts supply store in Moncton, NB. Other framing options may be available by request, but additional costs will be the responsibility of the client.

Photographic Prints

My general interest photographic prints consist of landscape, wildlife, and other subjects.

The general interest photographic prints are not signed or numbered. Certificates of Authenticity are not provided. All are offered as open editions, with no limits to the total number that may be sold.

The images are printed on lustre photo paper using pigment inks for durability and longevity. Typically, these prints are available in 8x10, 8x12, and 11x14 only, although certain ones may also be offered in other sizes. Prints are sold without mounts, mats or frames.

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Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Series

Photographic Prints